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The Mirella Elegance Pointe Shoe has a lowered profile and very streamline aesthetic. The cushioned pleating and pasting method all combine together to create an extremely quiet shoe. Delicate and lightweight, the MS138 has an oval shaped platform for ease of balancing and turning en pointe. The sides and heel of the shoe have been lowered, complimenting the “Open U” shaped vamp to truly highlight any dancers’ instep and arch. The shank of the MS138 is pliable yet sturdy to hold up in long classes or rehearsals. The shank is glued down to the newly designed leather outsole thus eliminating the need for a tack. The flat leather outsole will act as the perfect guide; bending with the electrical board and shank at the correct 3/4 position of the dancers foot. The dancer will have the utmost control and articulation and as a result the dancer will feel as though she is “lifted”, able to remain en pointe all day
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